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Elfi Homes are sustainably developed and designed for comfort. For example, they feature modern kitchens and bathrooms, underfloor heating, and digital energy meters. You can further customize your home with the Housing Bundle.
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The standard designs of Elfi homes are regularly adjusted to the new preferences of our tenants and the availability of materials. Therefore, the designs, furnishings, and facilities of the homes may differ from the description and photos on this page. The home will always be inspected before a lease agreement is signed, where the delivery of an Elfi home will be further documented.


Did you know that for every building purchase, we conduct a life cycle analysis first? This helps us determine the highest achievable sustainability performance. Based on this analysis, we decide whether to pursue new construction or transformation for each project.


We prefer to repurpose existing buildings into new homes. If this is not feasible, we may dismantle the structure of a building for reuse in another project.

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With the Elfi service app, you can report a malfunction in just 3 minutes and schedule an appointment at your convenience. We will then keep you updated via WhatsApp or email. Convenient, isn't it?
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