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Chak Wai Chong

Head of Finance

Chak Wai is a true finance professional. After studying Business Administration - Accountancy at RUG, he started working in Audit at KPMG in 2005, where he also obtained his RA title. After KPMG, Chak Wai joined Kia Motors Netherlands as Finance Manager, where he set up the finance department and implemented SAP FiCo. In 2014, he was ready for new adventures as an independent finance professional.
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In addition to audit assignments, he successfully completed various finance and control projects for companies such as Heineken, Nike, BMW, Redevco, and Edge Technologies.

At Elfi, Chak Wai will set up the finance department. He believes that the development of business partnering within finance is crucial.

In addition to his work, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and loved ones. He can often be found at the bouldering gym or playing padel with friends.

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