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Elfi Sustainability Guidelines

Sustainability forms the foundation for sustainable growth in the value of our portfolio, our organization, and our society. In our decisions, the desires and satisfaction of our tenants always take center stage.

A sustainable real estate portfolio not only adds investment value but also establishes a solid foundation for balanced returns and risk. We adopt a practical approach and focus on measurable results that are tangible for both our tenants and investors. 

In acquisitions, developments, and property management, the principle is that these activities lead to the sustainability of our real estate portfolio.
This principle is anchored in the Elfi Sustainability Guidelines, which apply to each of our activities. The guidelines outline the steps and actions necessary to achieve Elfi's ESG ambitions. 

Additionally, they provide direction for the due diligence process through which Elfi identifies the potential negative impact of real estate. This due diligence process utilizes a set of established indicators that measure the most significant potential negative impacts for us, such as the carbon footprint of our real estate, climate risks, and affordability impact. We strive to reduce or prevent the most significant adverse effects through exclusion, improvement strategies, voting, and impact investing.

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