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De Roskam


"De Roskam" is a unique project located on Herenstraat along the Merwede Canal and Armensteeg in the Jutphaas district, Nieuwegein. Construction of 18 beautiful apartments and single-family homes at this location will commence in mid-2024.


€ 1,150


54 m2


August 2024

De Roskam
This location bears the name of the hotel-café-restaurant that occupied this corner at the end of the nineteenth century. Initially named after owner N.A. Kool, it later gained recognition as 'De Roskam'. 'De Roskam' stood out from other hospitality establishments due to its stylish, tranquil interior, adorned with gleaming polished oak paneling, softly muted lighting, and plush comfortable chairs. Notables and the affluent middle class would gather here to savor a cup of coffee or their gin. In later times, this place often accommodated executives and foreign guests of the renowned Persil factory."
Lovely Living in Nieuwegein
Nieuwegein is conveniently located near the A2 and A27 highways, making it an ideal place to live for those who want to be near Utrecht.

Nieuwegein offers a good mix of green and urban amenities, including a large shopping center, various restaurants, and cozy terraces. The city also has excellent public transport connections, including a fast tram to Utrecht and a bus station with various bus lines.
The Jutphaas neighborhood in Nieuwegein offers a pleasant living environment with lots of greenery and water. It is a quiet neighborhood with a historic character and charming streets. The neighborhood has several amenities within walking distance, such as supermarkets, schools, sports clubs, and a library. There are also various restaurants and cafes to be found.
The Merwede Canal runs along Herenstraat and offers a beautiful view of the water. The neighborhood is easily accessible by car and public transport. Living in Jutphaas is ideal for those looking for peace and comfort, but still want to live close to the city of Utrecht.

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